Golf Courses

We work with golf courses across Missouri to help them reduce the amount of synthetic chemicals and pesticides used on their courses.

Sports Fields

Our all natural organic fertilizer is created by nature and is ideal for any type of sports fields including football, baseball and soccer.


It is our goal to help farmers in Missouri produce higher yields and better tasting crops while reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers.


Everything from the grass growing in your lawn to the shrubs, flowers, trees and roses will thrive with our all natural organic fertilizer.

Natural Organic Fertilizer

Superb Organics is located in the state of Missouri and offers the highest quality all natural fertilizer for golf courses, sod farms, wineries, sports fields, agricultural crop farms, greenhouses, residential landscapes and more. We have spent several years perfecting our scientific formula to provide the richest worm castings available on the market today. It is our company goal to reduce the amount of chemicals and pesticides being used across our great state. We are dedicated to educating our customers and the public on how to grow healthy plants and lush turf grasses by simply feeding the soil. Contact us today to learn more about our great products and services.

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